Marketing Spray Tans for Valentine's Day and Beyond

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Even though people tend to show less skin during the winter months, it doesn’t mean they don’t desire a radiant, sun-kissed glow to keep them looking and feeling good. The cooler months provide spas with the perfect opportunity to attract these clients and gain a loyal year-round following. Sunless-tanning experts share some helpful marketing strategies that are sure to get the attention of clients this winter:

“Focus on how quick, comfortable, and natural the treatment can be and how healthy and glowing the client will look during this time of the year— think Valentine’s Day and Easter.”
—Alyson Hogg, founder and CEO, Vita Liberata

“Social media exploration and before-and-after photos help in marketing. Also, utilize events all year long to draw in your customers.”
—Brandon Cardinal, vice president of sales, Norvell

“Be sure to make spray tanning an option you present to brides. Brides prepare months in advance for hair and makeup, and by planning ahead for a spray tan for their entire bridal party, it ensures a beautiful bridal party picture.”
—LaDonna Sheridan, director of sales and marketing, Fake Bake

“The winter season is the perfect opportunity to promote tanning—holiday parties, sorority events, and fitness and dance competitions are just a few occasions to mention. Spas can promote half-price upper-body tans for holiday parties. The client will usually opt for a full tan once they see how great the top half looks, so they will benefit from the full price and the application isn’t much longer.”
—Julie Nostrand, owner, South Seas Skin Care

“Bring out the tan, and fight the blues—seasonal affective disorder is real. While sunless tanning doesn’t stimulate much-needed vitamin D production, it certainly makes everyone look better and that releases endorphins. Also, between the turkey, pumpkin pies, and Champagne of ringing in the new year, we often put on a few unwanted pounds in the festive season. There’s no better way to make yourself feel immediately 10 pounds thinner than to get a spray tan and launch into spring.”
—Veronique Munro, founder and CEO, Infinity Sun


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