The Perfect Pairs for Your Super Food-Inspired Treatments

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While there are many reasons to consider incorporating superfood-related products and treatments, one you shouldn’t discount is the fact that they’re in demand. “Therapists and clients alike are embracing the superfoods skincare trend, because everyday consumers are becoming more educated on the harmful effects of pesticides, preservatives, and chemicals that are often associated with traditional skincare,” says Brian Goodwin, international trainer for Eminence Organic Skin Care. “With this education, consumers are seeking out natural and organic products, so if we don’t offer natural superfood options, we are missing out on opportunities to grow our business and evolve as service providers while providing the best possible care for our clients in the healthiest way possible. Also, there are massive amounts of new information discovered every day about these superfoods, so it gives us a great opportunity to stay up to date with the latest and greatest offerings for our clients.”

When choosing a formulation, you’ll often find superfoods paired with other superfoods. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find power-packed formulas filled with a variety of superfoods, each bringing its own nourishing benefits. “Because superfoods support the strengthening and rebuilding of skin, they tend to pair well with rejuvenating ingredients such as peel formulas,” says Rhonda Allison.

“For instance, we pair pumpkin with an apple wine formula in our Pumpkin Apple Peel, because the two together provide powerful firming and tightening while also brightening the skin for lasting radiance. Superfoods also pair well with epidermal growth factor to further support cellular regeneration and collagen production.” According to Expürtise’s Justin Dotterweich, superfoods also go well with cold-pressed organic oils. He says, “These sebum-like lipids are thought to assist in the penetration of the active ingredients, resulting in more effective skincare formulas.” 

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