Secrets From the Treatment Room: Sleeping Beauty

Child Manicure AndreaObzerova/iStock / Getty Images Plus

In this series, spa directors and industry insiders share some of their most memorable experiences. Find out what happens when a young client gets a manicure after a long day of activities. 

"Working in Oasis Kids Spa is always entertaining. One afternoon I had a young girl come in for a manicure and the Enchanted Princess, which includes a facial, a pedicure, and lip gloss, princess tiara, and nail polish to take home. She had spent the morning in Aquatopia Waterpark, so she was very tired and in need of some pampering. After her facial, with a tiara on her head, I started painting her fingers and toes. It didn't take long before she was fast asleep with her head on her outstretched arms. She was the best pint-size client. Her manicure and pedicure were impeccable, because she didn't fidget at all."—Marnie Valeria, nail technician. 

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