Six Ways to Up Your Brow Game This Summer

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In the last few years, eyebrows have become a major focus in the beauty industry. Dozens of products have entered the market as consumers try to nail the perfect brow look. More natural, lower-maintenance brows are trending across social media and on the runways of Fashion Week. 

Umbreen Sheikh, founder and CEO of Wink Brow Bar, and her team help give their clients the ultimate eyebrow with services like waxing, threading and tweezing. Achieving a natural brow is extremely easy to master. Sheikh shared her best brow guru tips with us.

Get in Position

When tweezing, most people stand inches away from their mirror for more precise plucking. However, it can have the opposite effect. “Standing too close can throw off your brow proportions,” says Sheikh. For the best brow results, Sheikh recommends standing at least one foot away from the mirror.

Brush it up

Giving your brows a quick brush is an easy step to add to your morning routine. According to Sheikh’s tactics, stroke the brush up and over down the brow. Next, dab a little brow gel or clear mascara to anchor the brow. 

Shade Selection

Finding the perfect shade of a gel, pencil, or powder really makes eyebrows stand out. In terms of color, Sheikh advises you match your hair roots, which is typically one shade lighter than your brows. Matching the gel color to your hair roots adds definition without looking too aggressive, she says. There is one exception for blondes, which should go a shade darker. There is also the option for professional brow tinting, which lasts up to four weeks. 

Nose Goes

Brow grooming can visually alter the shape of your nose by making it appear thinner or wider. To attain a thinner-looking nose, Sheikh suggests drawing an imaginary vertical line from the tip of your nose to the beginning of your brow and then focusing your shade-filling there to start. For a wider nose look, do the opposite and focus your shade-filling at the end of the brow. 

Pencil or Powder it in

The most important rule in shading is to follow the basic shape of your existing brow. Brush on the product of choice adding the color between the hairs. The best technique, Sheikh says, is to shade in the existing brows rather than draw on a new brow from scratch. 

Concealer Con

Sheikh’s brow secret is adding a dab of concealer to the unruliest hairs. She encourages you to resist the urge to yank them out. “Brows add so much structure and personality to your face that you really want to take your time, and groom properly."



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