Step By Step: The Biltmore Hotel Spa’s Lash Lift

Here's how to perform The Biltmore Hotel Spa's lash lifting treatment. // Photo via Shutterstock

Long, luscious lashes—women everywhere want them. But when they don’t come naturally to a gal, finding a way to maintain them that is quick and cost-effective can be challenging. Enter the latest in eye-enhancing beauty treatments: the lash lift. 

“My clients love this option, because it’s an alternative to lash extensions, which are expensive and have to be filled in every two weeks,” says Tilza Rizzo-Caceres, the eyebrow specialist at the Biltmore Hotel Spa in Miami. “A lash lift takes about an hour to perform, is less expensive, and gives the illusion of lash extensions for about six weeks. Plus, it’s a great pick-me-up when a client wants instant satisfaction from a beauty service.” 

Here are the six steps that Rizzo-Caceres follows when she performs the treatment on clients: 

  1. Cleanse the lashes with a lash-foaming cleanser of your choice. 
  2. Glue a silicone lash shield of the correct size to the eyelid, and glue the person’s eyelashes up to the shield. Make sure you use a lash pick to separate each lash while it’s glued to the shield.
  3. Apply a lifting solution, such as Elleebana Lift Solution, to the base of the eyelashes only, and let sit for five minutes. Remove the solution with a damp cotton swab. 
  4. Apply a setting solution to the lashes and let sit for five minutes. Again, remove with a damp cotton swab. 
  5. Cover the lashes with a very deep black tint to all of the eyelashes for 10 minutes. Remove with wet cotton swab.
  6. Rinse each eye out with water, one at a time. Then, massage the lashes with a nourishing oil, such as Sugarlash Pro’s nourishing lotion to rehydrate. 

Rizzo-Caceres’ final piece of advice? Avoid too much conversation with the client. “You don’t want the person’s eyes to move very much during this treatment,” she says. “So, minimize the chit chat and encourage your client to relax.”

About the Author:  Amelia Pavlik is a freelance journalist based in Atlanta, Ga. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Georgia and has written for publications and websites including Fitness Magazine, American Fitness Magazine,, Modern Luxury's JEZEBEL, and The Atlantan. Amelia is also the creator of the Fit & Well Atlanta Belle brand and website, which features her thoughts on all things upscale wellness in Atlanta and beyond. Find her online at  


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