Three Tricks for Boosting Your Natural Hair Removal Revenue

It’s important for spas to understand that this natural beauty trend doesn’t necessarily mean a decrease in hair removal revenue. Spas can tap into this market in several ways, including:

  • Add a natural bikini option to the spa menu. “Regardless of your individual choice to remove hair or not, most will still wish to look neat and maintained,” says Perron Rigot’s national training director, Cali VanAelst. “Beards are a good example—beards are popular, but groomed and clean. This is the same for bikini or eyebrows. The eyebrow trend is more natural, but a once-a-month waxing is still a necessity. It’s the same for the intimate area.”
  • Conduct a consultation before each service. “Prior to commencing the service, it is helpful for the esthetician to have a consultation with their client in order to understand what service they are expecting,” says Lycon USA’s president, Lindsay Miller. “The last thing you want to do is remove too much hair and upset the client. For example, spas will often provide variations on the classic bikini wax. This allows clients to feel comfortable with their service and how much hair is being removed.”
  • Offer package deals to encourage clients to visit the spa to maintain their clean, yet natural look. “You might consider offering a waxing package of five consecutive services at regular price and a sixth service free,” says Satin Smooth’s senior educator and technical trainer, Jeane Richmond. “This will help to keep them on a schedule during the winter months and keep your waxing business booming.”



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