Three Ways to Incorporate Salt Rooms Into Your Spa

Check out a few ways how spas are utilizing salt rooms. // Photography: Shutterstock

Salt therapy comes in various forms in spas today. Here are a few ways in which spas are utilizing salt rooms:

  • “Over the last two years, we have seen a massive shift to spas incorporating self-contained, pre-built salt booths, salt cabins, and salt beds. These smaller enclosures allow for 15- to 20-minute sessions, which are great for time-strapped guests and also allows guests to have a private and personalized experience. And there are no HVAC requirements needed nor costly room design expenses. It truly is ‘plug and play.’”—Steve Spiro, CEO, Global Halotherapy Solutions, and initiative chair, Global Wellness Institute’s Halotherapy Initiative
  • “We are seeing more and more relaxation areas and dry saunas incorporating salt panels in their decor. The benefits are minimal, but it looks nice, especially when special lighting is used, shining through the salt bricks.”—Philippe Therene, vice president of equipment sales, Universal Companies
  • “We are converting underutilized treatment rooms—hydrotherapy rooms—into salt treatment rooms to enhance the guest experience. We can put salt blocks on the walls for aesthetic and beautification of the room. We have designed salt loungers and salt massage tables made from pure Himalayan salt, so the experience is new and very therapeutic for the guest. One of the amazing things about Himalayan salt is it is very grounding, as it works on the 8 hertz, the Earth’s frequency, which allows clients to feel relaxed. It also removes a lot of the higher frequency friction we get from cell towers, TVs, computers, and lighting.”—Ann Brown, CEO and founder, Saltability, and cofounder, Himalayan Source


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