What's Trending: Brow and Lash Looks

Here's what's hot in brow and lash looks // Photo Credit: PeopleImages/Royalty-Free/Getty Images (PeopleImages/Royalty-Free/Getty Images)

We know that brow and lash looks are always changing, so what’s popular right now? Here's what some of our experts had to say:

  • “Starting with the most popular trends, we have to look at treatments that embrace natural, thicker brows. People have always wanted to look more youthful, it's in our nature, and up until recently, more natural treatments weren't seen as a way to create that look. Now, popular trends embrace natural hair and more luscious hair in general. This includes having fuller brows, longer lashes, and longer hair. Another trend across all beauty categories is finding more semi-permanent solutions. These trends include lash extensions, microblading, and conditioning serums. Consumers want something that is going to last longer and are moving away from a daily routine of putting on a face that they take off each night and semi-permanent treatments are a new way to accomplish that.” —Kimberly Wolf, director of marketing, Cosmetic Alchemy
  • “Lash lifts paired with a lash serum are a match made in heaven as social media will show you. Clients love the ability to amplify their results through products they can use at home as part of their regular skincare routine.”—Laura Wylie, director of education, Grande Cosmetics
  • "I'm seeing a swing back toward a more natural look. For a while, we were going full-on Kardashian, and now there's a return to wanting to look more like ourselves...albeit an enhanced version of ourselves. I think it's tied into the VSCO app trend—women want to look beachy and healthy and glowy—but not like they're wearing tons of makeup. Enhanced lashes and brows are the number one way to get the look that allows you to get up, throw on a little sunscreen and gloss, and go.”—Jordan Reid, founder, Ramshackle Glam
  • “We are certainly seeing a trend of fuller and more natural-looking lashes and brows. Finding a qualified professional and investing financially in those services will go a long way. Especially when clients stop to think about sanitation. These areas are very sensitive, and these types of services are very delicate. There is a price to providing the proper sanitation and the qualification of the professional, as well. That is why going cheap on these services may not be the best route. A natural option to achieving fuller lashes and brows will be to invest in a quality brow definition using sharp strokes when filling in the brows. Clients are also using serums for lashes to help condition and in some cases help regrow them.”—Fernanda Silva, owner, The Chair Salon and Spa (Calabasas, CA)
  • “Every client—depending on their background—has a different approach to what they want to see their brows look like. Most want full natural brows here in the U.S., and there are others who want more dramatic brows. As a specialist and esthetician, giving them my opinion on what looks best on them according to their specific brow or lash measurements typically encourages clients to listen.”—Meri Desevic, president, Lilibeth Brows


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