Casa Madrona Undergoes a Wellness-Tech Transformation

The wellness courtyard is one of the property's recent updates and is designed to be an ideal place to relax. // Photo courtesy of Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa

A popular getaway for tech-savvy guests, Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa (Sausalito, CA) recently introduced 11 dedicated wellness rooms with personalized and technologically advanced amenities. Part of a host of updates to the property that included a new lobby, wellness courtyard, spa, and gym, the rooms are intended to appeal to health-oriented travelers interested in bettering themselves with smart devices and on-demand tools.

Each room features a smart bed that connects to almost any WiFi-enabled device and tracks guests’ sleep data; fitness on demand virtual fitness technology that allows guests to work out in their rooms; Muse meditation headbands that provide real-time feedback on guests’ breathing, heart rate, mental activity, and more; and fresh food delivered in room from Urban Remedy, which provides organic, plant-based, and dairy-free offerings in earth-friendly packaging.

Says general manager Carmen Cruz, “My dream for the spa was to embrace the story of our hotel and to speak to the essence of our brand through wellness: creativity, innovation, uniqueness, and impeccable service, redefining the luxury experience.”


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