Healing Hotels Offer Free Personal At-Home Healing Sessions

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Anne Biging and Elisabeth Ixmeier, cofounders of Healing Hotels of the World, have partnered with six of the world’s top healers to develop [email protected], a new series during which each healer will provide their own unique healing perspective in a free personal healing session that can be done at home. 

“Although we are not able to travel at the moment and most of our Healing Hotels are closed due to COVID-19, their hearts are still beating strongly, and our shared mission to guide you on your healing journey is stronger than ever,” says Biging.

Participating healers include:

  • Vikrant Sharma, MIS, an Ayurvedic doctor, meditation teacher, and healer. He delivers healing sessions that are result-driven, including Chakra meditation with Beej mantras, Ayurveda preventive consultation, and breathing techniques.
  • Elizabeth Cocoann Galis, an executive advisor and energetic alchemist. She brings a unique lens to her sessions that are esoteric and practical and has spent over 5000 hours studying cross-cultural healing art modalities and esoteric wisdom.
  • Nimisha Rattan, the founder of Bliss Body, an energy healer, spiritual wellness expert, and practitioner of alternative therapies. Her mission is to guide people to experience physical healing, emotional freedom, and mental expansion through consultations and counseling.
  • Petra Müller-Ruprecht, M.D., a physician and specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, and has degrees as a psychoanalyst and homeopath. During her studies in Eastern and Western philosophy, astrology, shamanism and more, she has developed her own coaching theories.
  • Velleda Dobrowolny, founder of Easeful Coaching is a certified life and business coach and a trainer for leadership and authentic communication. She travels regularly to India to study and teach and is a well-known meditation teacher. Her focus on self-awareness meditation allow people to find strength and wisdom from within.
  • Claudia Roth, a Quantum Energy Coach (QEC), helps her clients transform their limiting beliefs by instantly and permanently installing positive and affirming beliefs into the mind. Her goal is to guide others that feel there is more to life than what they have experienced and to experience more than they think is possible.

The practitioners aim to help clients move from anxiety and fear to positivity and strength during this global pandemic. In addition to finding inner harmony, the goal of the healers is to help others find peace and health. Those interested in this offer can contact Healing Hotels of the World at   [email protected], to be connected with their choice of healer. The offer is available for free until May 8, 2020.


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