The Secret Ingredient Found in Top Skincare Products

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Intention has proven to be a powerful force in the universe. One has only to look at the work of Japanese author, researcher, and photographer Masaru Emoto to see the impact. In his book The Hidden Messages in Water (Atria Books, 2005), he reveals how the molecular structure of water could be impacted by intentions. While positive words and thoughts produced visually pleasing crystal formations, negative words and thoughts resulted in incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. The same thinking that led Emoto to conduct the experiment on water is now being applied to skincare products, with the idea being that they’ll produce better results when infused with positive intentions. “At Ila, our products are mostly made to order, and therefore, each product is manufactured with the client in mind,” says Sharon Codner, head of operations at Ila. “So, when we fill each product and close the jar, a positive thought or mantra is given to that product. Our site is a cruelty-free zone, so we don’t allow any meat, poultry, or fish to be brought into the premises, as we believe it would interfere with the vibration at Ila.”

Intention also plays a key role in the making of de Mamiel, a skincare line created using the ancient principles of Chinese medicine and modern scientific research. Once the ingredients have been sourced, a spiritual process takes place in which founder Annee de Mamiel blesses the products and chants over them in a meditative style. “I also use tuning forks and crystal bowls because of the vibration,” says de Mamiel. “We know that when the body is in good health, it vibrates at 460 megahertz, and different oils and ingredients are dipped into crystal singing bowls as I am creating and making the products.” While meditating over the essential oils, three words of intention will also come to her. They will then be written on the label and added to the bottle. The bottles then sit in a cupboard with various crystals for a specific period of time. The idea is that there are active elements in the formulas that need time to evolve and blossom. “It takes a lot of planning, but it’s all about allowing a sense of calmness and ease and reducing the level of stress that’s within us,” says de Mamiel.

Intention is also a key ingredient in Sodashi products. In fact, the Sodashi team is given time each day to meditate together to help ensure the energy used to make the products is positive. A fan of Transcendental Meditation (TM), Megan Larsen shares her love of the technique with staff members, as each is given the opportunity to learn TM and come together and meditate as a group each day. “Sodashi is literally hand made with love in small batches of 50 to 150 units,” says Larsen. “We also play an Ayurvedic rain melody in the laboratory to cleanse the space where our luxe, highly active skin treatments are made.” 


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