Three Reasons to Practice Intentional Skincare

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Considering bringing an intentional line into your spa? Our experts share some of the advantages intentional skincare provides.

“We believe the positive intention enhances the molecular structure of the ingredients contained within the products to increase their absorption and the benefits. This will also be something that can be experienced at an emotional level. [Spa-goers] will be using something that was created for them and all that they are as human beings—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. All of these aspects of ourselves ultimately influence how our skin looks and behaves, so for absolute flawless and healthy skin, we need to take a holistic approach.”—Megan Larsen, founder, Sodashi

“Skin is the largest organ and is one where we feel pain, love, touch, heat, and cold. Disharmony in the body is shown on the skin and
so is very much a sign of what is going on in our body, both physically and emotionally. When products have been made with love, care, and attention and surrounded by nature, the products take on those qualities, so the guest also receives these from the products they are using. Body treatments and facials become increasingly more effective because they are using ‘products with a purpose.”—Sharon Codner, head of spa operations, Ila

“I think it’s the stopping and pausing and just resetting. It comes down to the fact that most of us live in a state of chronic stress where cortisol and hormones are constantly pumped through our bodies, and we don’t know how to turn it off. Personally, it’s all about beginning to switch off and slow down, really nurturing and replenishing ourselves in a way that we don’t have to think about. I think there are a few things that we can do in that state of mindfulness and intention. It engages that change in the nervous system to begin to slow down.”—Annee de Mamiel, founder, de Mamiel 



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