The Best Ways to Digitally Transform Your Spa in 2020

Going digital is one of the best things you can do for your spa. // Photo via Shutterstock

Businesses are more technological and digital than ever before. More and more business is being done online than ever before, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Because of this, many companies are digitally transforming to keep up with the times. Business professionals consider a digital transformation when a company rethinks how they can optimize operations and better serve their customers, often through the help of technology.

Unfortunately, going through a digital transformation at any company, including spas and salons, isn’t always easy. It can be full of potential issues that can bog down your company for months. As a result, it is important to have all of the information, technology, and plans in place for a successful digital transformation. If not, you could easily fail or struggle to transform.

A big part of a digital transformation at many successful businesses is to get everything online and reduce paper usage. In addition to being good for the environment, keeping everything online or digital makes it easier to manage, organize, and access. As a result, your company should try to find a way to digitize your files efficiently. Besides having a way to reduce paper and digitize the many files and information your company needs, you should also have a way to transfer these large files. Transferring files to the right people is always incredibly important not only during a digital transformation, not just during your spa’s digital transformation.


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The cloud is, without a doubt, a tool you must utilize if you want your digital transformation to complete without a hitch. Using the cloud keeps all of your data, information, and files in a secure and virtual environment, instead of a physical one. This will allow your employees to access and use important files from anywhere that they have access to the internet. In addition to allowing your employees to work and access information from anywhere, the cloud is also important if you want to work with freelancers or remote employees. Using a cloud will ensure all of your workers will have quick, easy, and secure access to all they need.

While a digital transformation mostly relies on technology, the people are just as—if not more—important. In order for your transformation to be successful, your employees need to buy-in and be open to the change. Unfortunately, many people don’t like change, especially at work, so this isn’t always easy. 

Instead of simply deciding to have a digital transformation one day, make it a process and keep everyone involved. Ask your workers what their thoughts on it, what are their concerns, and work with them. Showing them the benefits and value that a digital transformation can bring will go a long way in getting them to embrace the change. Transform at a steady pace to ensure everyone can keep up with the changes and get used to them over time. Trying to rush the transformation is a surefire to confuse or potentially irritate your employees.

When you and your staff commit to a digital transformation, you're committing to making 2020 your spa's best year yet.


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