The Best Ways to Stay Ahead of Spa Technology Trends

Take these tips from the pros on how to stay ahead of spa technology trends // Photo credit: vadimguzhva/iStock/Getty Images Plus

As technology is ever-changing, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest softwares and tools you might need to adequately run your spa. We spoke to the brains behind the technology and got some tips to not only help you keep up with the trends, but to help you get ahead as well:

“A savvy spa owner searches out the tools with the best balance of cloud, usability, device independence, and key metric tracking to ensure they become better with the new software. Also, keep in mind that technology is an investment, and you need to set aside time to do it right. It will pay off in dividends, but it doesn’t set itself up and run itself… yet.”—John Harms, founder and CEO, Millennium Systems International

“I think it’s important for people to constantly look outside of their primary industry for ideas and inspiration of how to use technology to improve their business. New ways to improve your business through technology don’t always come from your immediate competitive group but from the industry at large,”—Dan Chandre, vice president of strategic development, MindBody


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“Don’t be afraid. Far too often, we will run into someone hesitant about technology, because they don’t really understand it, failing to realize their life is actually a whole lot harder without it.”—Eric Haugland, account management director, AestheticsPro

“Finding a technology partner with a long history in the space is a good idea. Purchasing that software as a subscription service should mean all future enhancements are automatically available to you as part of your monthly subscription. This should help you avoid costly 'version upgrades.’ Spas also need to keep up with the demands of their clientele. Solicit feedback and listen carefully—your clients may show you the next big thing before any technology provider.”—Jeff Dickerson, CEO, DaySmart Software, makers of Salon Iris and Orchid Medical Spa Software

“Offering guests a variety of online and offline booking and payment options is a prerequisite to success in the marketplace, so focus on the latest trends in scheduling software and credit card processing. Also, keep a close eye on your customers’ digital habits and ensure that you establish a presence in their favorite social media channels. Engage and interact with guests on social media to learn more about their technology habits, preferences, and pet peeves.”—Patricia Cornet, marketing manager, Vagaro

“While a property may not need to replace their server or Wi-Fi, implementing new technology may require new devices, wiring, and staff training. It is crucial to plan and have this built into the budget each year. Talk with your technology partners to ensure you are meeting the latest security measures required by law.”—Theresa Hamberger, sales manager of corporate accounts, SpaSoft

“Stay involved and in the know. Technology and trends are changing constantly. Read articles to find out what's trending, read your software release notes, and attend webinars to understand new features that can help you reach your goals. Join communities and discussions to get perspectives from others in your space. You may not be able to keep up with everything, but carving out a bit of time each day to read up on the latest technology in wellness trends can go a long way.”—Frank Pitsikalis, founder and CEO, ResortSuite

“Pay attention to what the millennials are paying attention to. There are ways to take advantage of different social media outlets and have them benefit your bottom line. When you see what is driving your customer base to the latest restaurant or the latest musical act or movie, find out whether or not that can be used to benefit your business. Then, does your software have the flexibility to work with it now or in the future? Not every spa has a dedicated IT professional and social media guru, so get educated.” —Matthew Wiggins, co-owner, ProSolutions Software



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