Five Tips for Recruiting New Talent

Five Tips for Recruiting New Talent // Photo Credit: Moostocker/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Recruiting can seem like a very overwhelming task, but it doesn't have to be. The same goes for acquiring new clients, or even finding the right business partner partner. To ensure the best results possible, there needs to be a system in place that will attract the right candidates.

“We usually recruit when something happens—it’s a reactive task, but in reality, we should always be mindful and proactive about it so we can control the process,” says Ronit Enos, professional business strategist and performance coach. “Spend an allotted amount of time each week specifically on hiring, and you can create your dream team.”

Here, follow Enos's five key tips to creating a system that takes the guess work out of recruiting.


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  1. Budget: Allocate funds for recruiting and development that include the creation of ads, interview time, onboarding, best way to measure success with traceable and tangible numbers, and any other possible recruiting promotions.
  2. Identify the Ideal Candidate Profile: Ask yourself what type of employee or partner you are looking for. Type A or B? High energy or low?  Full time or part time?  Team player? Skillset? Morning or evening person? Experience and proof of success? Are their values inline with the corporate culture of the salon?  Do they have solid references?
  3. Systemize The Interview Process and Training: Create a system and automate it, including delegating and outsourcing to companies like Sixth Division to help with building a better client journey experience and Poplar Financial to help with everything from onboarding to payroll.
  4. Be Clear About Responsibilities and Expectations: Create a video that explains the salon values, staff responsibilities, and expectations. Make it short and professional and feature current employees speaking about their experiences. 
  5. Track and Analyze: It is crucial to have a good understanding of the results to measure success and improve the system. Develop a strategy of where to extract and acquire new talent to build a true lead magnet—schools, Facebook ads, social feeds and friends, LinkedIn, outlets that specialize in connecting spa professionals.

“Once you shift your focus, fix your problems, and find your freedom," says Enos, "you will see you are in control and have the luxury of being proactive instead of reactive."


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