Four Popular Waxing Trends All Clients Want

The industry's hottest waxing trends // Photo credit: Image Source/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Waxing is by far the most popular hair-removal method used today. “Waxing remains one of the most profitable services in spas and salons due to the technologically advanced waxes on the market today, especially non-strip hard wax treatments,” says Lynn Maestro, national sales and communications director at Perron Rigot, manufacturer of Cirepil. “Wax treatment rooms have the highest return on investment due to less time involved in the service and the low cost of goods. Provide exceptional treatments for your clients, and you have a lifetime commitment, as it is truly one of the most intimate services in spas today.” Here are some of the hottest waxing trends.

"Wax beads have become extremely popular, because they’re incredibly convenient and affordable while still offering the same great hair removal as other wax formulations. Estheticians can pour out just the amount they need for the service. The beads melt quickly, and they don’t require strips for removal.”—Alexandra Jevtic, associate brand manager of hair removal, GiGi and Clean + Easy 

“There are always new waxes being introduced to the market that have slightly different characteristics, such as ingredients, pliability, scent, and color. Intimate-area waxing such as bikini or Brazilian waxing continues to grow in popularity as waxes that specifically focus on these areas are introduced. These waxes are designed to work best for these areas by pulling short, stubborn hair as well as providing extra-soothing ingredients to reduce any discomfort or redness. Additionally, retail products that support homecare between waxes such as intimate washes, lightening serums, and body exfoliators are becoming more popular.”—Lindsay Miller, president, Lycon USA 

“Full-body waxing has increased in popularity, and stand-alone waxing studios have also grown in popularity all over the world.”—Jeanette Haylock, director of education, gotoBrazils Waxing Center (multiple locations) 

“Superior ingredients in many modern depilatory waxes allow a faster, more comfortable service with reliable results. The key ingredient in wax is resin. Where pine resin has been the mainstay in the industry, newer waxes use high-tech synthetic resin. Benefits of 100-percent or partially synthetic resin include lower melting points, improved adhesion to hair versus skin, stronger grip, and little to no skin reactivity.”—Krissa Gordon, licensed esthetician and instructor and senior educator, Satin Smooth



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