Four Quick Tips for the Perfect Nail Pics

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Creating gorgeous nail looks for clients is second nature to manicurists, but if you're not promoting that talent and artistry to prospective new clients via social media, you're missing out on potential revenue. Here are four engaging tips for showcasing and marketing your work online that will build the kind of buzz that translates into potential clients and sales.

  1.  Use the Camera App: Start out taking pictures on your phone’s camera. The quality will likely be better than through the Instagram app itself.
  2. Focus on Lighting: Shooting in natural light usually works best. Pay close attention to shadows and balance. If natural light is unavailable, invest in a few inexpensive lights that can make your photos pop.
  3. Pay Attention to the Background: Simple works best. Basic colors, easy patterns, and clean lines will keep the focus on the nails.
  4. Think About Your Model's Hands: For optimum results, clients with photogenic hands make the best models for your nail shots. Don't oil your client's hands before the shoot—hands should be moisturized, but not oily when photographed. Fun props such as a sleeve, an apple, a furry blanket, and more can be used to enhance the shot. While not necessary, complimentary colors, textures, and accessories can really make your work pop. Try posing your model with the polish bottle used, but make sure to post an identical photo without the bottle too; many outlets want to share your work but can’t promote specific brands in that manner. Pro tip: Instagram’s carousel post is great way to have both pictures in the same post.

"What do I do with my hands?” is a classic question from anyone in front of a camera. Remind your model that relaxed and natural is key. Have some example poses handy so they can mimic the examples and don’t be afraid to step in and adjust when needed.

While small, these adjustments can make huge improvements to your social feed. The American Spa Instagram regrams nail pics all the time—tag #AmericanSpaMag for your chance to be featured!

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