How To: The FirmAge Non-Surgical Facelift from Saian

How To: The FirmAge Non-Surgical Facelift from Saian // Screengrab via Saian Natural Clinical Skincare

Meet FirmAge by Saian: a unique, portable, hand-held radio frequency (RF) and infrared machine suitable for professional and home use. It features three intensity settings—low, medium, and high—and comes with a power supply, USB cord, and a charging cradle.  This small and effective piece of equipment is perfect for a portable facial and travels easily. Hot, bi-polar RF probes activate collagen regeneration to reduce wrinkles and lift the skin, using an output of 500KHz of electromagnetic RF energy. The wavelength of the infrared light is 880nm, which activates the cells, promotes blood circulation and metabolism, and keeps skin healthy and elastic. 

When used with Saian peptide, growth factor, or stem cell products, FirmAge firms and tones the face and neck, stimulates collagen production, and visibly reduces signs of aging. It lifts the eyebrows, tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and crow’s feet, smooths out nasolabial lines, and tones the neck. In just 10 minutes, this machine will give the desired non-surgical face-lift results you and your clients are looking for.

Here, learn how to use the FirmAge for yourself, and discover the power of the 10 minute non-surgical facelift.

Note: Saian recommends this device should not be used with any kind of gel besides the recommended products from Saian skincare—Active Renewal Serum and Active Renewal Creme.


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