Five Questions with LightStim President Joni Marchese

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Over the past two decades, LightStim has earned a reputation among medical, spa, and wellness professionals as a trusted manufacturer of the highest quality, most results-driven LED technology in the world. Designed, engineered, and manufactured at corporate headquarters in southern California, LightStim’s FDA-cleared devices are known for superior performance, owed in part to the unique LightStim MultiWave patented technology, and in part to a fervent commitment to deliver the most sophisticated light-based technology to our customers in order to help improve the quality of the lives they live. This philosophy is an extension of what we aspire to as women. We are focused on being our best selves—on what helps us develop and nurture our greatest potential so we may contribute to a better world. We believe in the inherent capacity of women to communicate and connect on an authentic level, and in the ability of collective energy to inspire positive change.

Here, get to know Joni Marchese, founder of LightStim.

Joniann Marchese

What was the genesis of LightStim? 

"LightStim was born out of a desire to capture the non-invasive and therapeutic benefits of light energy, and a belief that a combination of wavelengths could better help change unwanted conditions. The original device was designed to help relieve and ease pain, which lead to the first hand-held device effective enough to receive FDA clearance to treat wrinkles on the entire face. A device to treat acne followed suit. Since then, our core belief in LightStim technology and the ability to create quality devices has fueled the growth of the company and in the last couple of years, opened the door to our passion for health and wellness with exciting product launches like the first full-body, FDA-cleared LightStim LED Bed."

What should estheticians know before investing in a LightStim product?

"LightStim is not just a business or a beauty brand or a device manufacturer, we are a family and we believe in what we do. We share a deep dedication and a driving passion for each and every one of our clients to succeed. We are determined to offer the best in education, just as we are constantly evolving while we grow and learn ourselves. Our goal is to provide stellar customer service, always be available to answer questions, and help you grow your business. We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality, USA-made devices and we will jump through hoops if anything were to go wrong. Last but not least, we are genuinely grateful for our clients because without them, LightStim would not be where it is."

What’s it like to own and run a business with your spouse?

"It’s an absolute blast and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Steve and I have worked together in our own businesses since I was 16 and he was 22. It’s easy, it’s smooth, and I think we complement each other with our different skill sets while genuinely respecting each other’s differences. Most importantly, he knows I’m always right even when I’m wrong! In all seriousness, I think the success of a good marriage and a good working relationship is to learn and grow together. If I fall, he picks me up. If he falls (which rarely happens, he’s a rock), I pick him up. Life throws out so many challenges, as do businesses. We’re a team and we’re a family, and well, we love each other. And I’ll share a little secret—that extends not only to our kids who work with us, but to our extended LightStim family as well and even to you all."

What qualities make a great leader?

"Integrity, care, purpose, dedication, vitality, fearlessness, strength, understanding, kindness, and gratitude. These are just some of the qualities I personally strive for everyday. But greater than all of those is an honest belief in what one does and why one does it."

What’s next for LightStim? 

"What isn’t next for LightStim?! The benefits of LED are exponential and we have a solid team striving to push the possibilities of innovation in LED technology to the next level. I am excited to share that LightStim is in the process of launching our newest product, the LightStim ProPanel."


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