BioPhotas Launches Battery-Powered Device

The Celluma iSeries is a battery-powered LED panel device that helps treat a variety of skin, muscle, and joint conditions. Photo credit: BioPhotas

BioPhotas announced the addition of the iSeries to its Celluma series of light therapy devices. The iSeries is the first battery-powered LED "panel" device that is FDA-cleared and Medical CE-marked for treating a variety of skin, muscle, and joint conditions, according to Patrick Johnson, president and CEO of BioPhotas. The battery-powered option will be available on the company's most popular models, the Celluma PRO and the Celluma LITE. The company is currently taking orders for the two devices and plans to ship all orders by the end of the month. In addition, beginning in April, the company will be offering to upgrade any previously sold Celluma devices with the battery-powered option, with the exception of the full-body device, the Celluma DELUX. This will allow current and long-time owners to get the latest Celluma technology features. "Now the convenience and efficacy of the Celluma series is enhanced so it can be used anywhere and time; in the locker room, on the sports field, at the beach, or poolside," he says. "Advances in battery technology have allowed us to provide multiple Celluma treatment cycles without impeding versatility or portability. The Celluma is there when and where you need it."


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