Silhouette Lift Expands its U.S. Market With Relaunch of Silhouette InstaLift

Discover the new Silhouet InstaLift // JNemchinova/iStock /Getty Images Plus

Sinclair Pharma Company, the parent company of Silhouette Lift, has announced the relaunch of Silhouette InstaLift, which marks the expansion in the U.S. market. Silhouette InstaLift addresses volume loss and signs of aging. The system lifts the tissues in the face and gradually adds volume to the face. The procedure works using suspension sutures with bi-directional cones to help redefine the contours of the face. The sutures lift and reposition the subnormal tissue while the bi-directional cones hold the suture and skin in elevated positions. The treatment is suitable for men and women, and it requires 45 minutes and no anesthesia. 

In the U.S. there are 1,000 practitioners who have the InstaLift system. 

“Silhouette InstaLift represents a true breakthrough in the non-surgical facial rejuvenation category,” says Doug Abel, Sinclair, head of North America, and president, Silhouette Lift. “Already known for the speed and duration of its results, Silhouette InstaLift customers in the U.S. can now also reap the benefits of having the direct involvement of the team that has built the successful global presence of our Silhouette products.” 

Orders for Silhouette InstaLift can now be placed with Silhouette Lift


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