Announcing American Spa's 2018 Trend Report

Each fall, the entire American Spa team spends time brainstorming, presenting research, and highlighting various magazines, online stories, and more to help us come up with our list of 10 top trends. While the brainstorming and choosing the trends is the fun part, then comes the difficult part of squeezing each trend into one short story to include in our annual Trend Report supplement, which accompanies our January issue and can be found on the road throughout 2018. But as the 2017 year comes to a close, we wanted to expand on the trends online and give you a sneak peek of what we think will be the prevalent trends of the 2018 year. Take a look at our 2018 Trend Report topics below:

  • Intentional BeautyAs today’s spas introduce an increasing number of offerings that involve the setting of an intention, spa-goers are embracing the added mind-body benefits.
  • Regional Spa AssociationsWith a mission to help local spa directors connect and succeed, regional spa groups are flourishing.
  • Guilt-Free SkincareHealth-conscious consumers are flocking to vegan and cruelty-free products.
  • Fighting PollutionExposed to a variety of daily pollutants, consumers are seeking protection from the elements, and skincare manufacturers are delivering.
  • DNA TestingGenetics is extending its influence as spas and product manufacturers jump on the bandwagon to take advantage of DNA testing.
  • Animals in WellnessFrom goats to horses to chickens and more, animals are increasingly becoming an integral part of the wellness experience.
  • Natural BeautyMass market retailers are embracing the natural beauty movement with compelling plant-based brands, ingredient bans, and prominent product placement.
  • CannabisThis buzzworthy plant is poised to deliver a natural high to the spa industry.
  • Hotels without Spas:  A host of hotels without spas are getting creative with wellness offerings and attracting healthy travelers.
  • Crystals: Rocking the spa industry, crystals are energizing spa-goers and giving them a reason to sparkle.

Also, we are once again bringing our trends as well as a few others presented by our industry friends and colleagues to you via a webinar. American Spa publisher and editor-in-chief Julie Keller Callaghan as well as executive editor Heather Mikesell  will be presenting the latest trends sweeping our industry via a webinar on Monday, January 29, at 1 pm EST. Visit our webinars page to register!

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American Spa’s 2017 Trend Report

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