Italian Beauty is Making Its Way into the U.S. with this New Program

Mei Lifting is one of several Italian beauty brands participating in Beauty Made in Italy. // Photo Courtesy of Beauty Made in Italy

The Italian Trade Commission (ITC) is launching a new campaign called “Beauty Made in Italy” to advertise the availability and awareness of Italian beauty products and brands to the U.S. consumer market. 

The new program offers Italian beauty companies with various platforms to help guide them into the unique assets of the U.S. market. The program also provides brand analysis’, webinars, and promotional activities, all while brands work alongside a review board composed of beauty experts from within the industry.  They’re also inviting established Italian beauty companies to pose as catalysts to further the program and attract more attention from the U.S. 

“Italy is internationally recognized for its rich culture of craftsmanship and artisanal skills, and beauty brands made in Italy represent this heritage," says Maurizio Forte, Italian trade commissioner and executive director for the U.S. "Through Beauty Made In Italy, we are thrilled to give Italian companies the tools, resources and support needed for their best possible opportunity to successfully enter the US beauty market."

With a growth of 10 billion euro in 2016 due to the increasing number of Italian beauty companies in foreign markets, personal care and beauty is an extremely important business sector for Italy’s revenue. Italian exports increased more than 14 percentage points, bringing it to 3.8 billion euro, conducive to a trade surplus of 20 billion euro. 

Beauty Made in Italy plans on gathering a group of beauty influencers to Cosmoprof Blogona international trade show in March 2018. They also plan on developing a beauty-box subscription that’s completely Italian-themed, and debut a partnership with one of the U.S.’ major beauty retailers later next year, too. 

"Americans have long loved Italian beauty and Italian beauty products," says Fabio Rossello, president of Cosmetica Italia. "From our rich heritage in fragrance, to our cutting-edge innovations in hair and makeup, Italian beauty manufacturers and brands stand at the forefront of global style, art, and design. We are proud to partner with the Italian Trade Commission to help chart a course for our brands to enter the market, and to share Italian passion and ingenuity with the American consumer."

To learn more about the campaign, visit their website here


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