MindBody Online Management Platform Experiences Nationwide Outages

MindBody Online is currently experiencing a nationwide outage.

The wellness services industry technology platform MindBody recently experienced a nationwide outage. According to the MindBody status site, status.mindbody.online, at approximately 4:40 am PDT on April 5, subscribers began reporting that the core software and mobile apps would not load, and the MindBody team began working to diagnose the problem and restore systems to full functionality as soon as possible.

In a series of Tweets, MindBody alerted clients that the platform was experiencing a "Service Event" and that its development team was working to restore full service.



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Breathe Salt Rooms (multiple locations) is just one client experiencing management trouble due to the outage. In an email sent to its clients, Breathe Salt Rooms said:

"Our online booking system, Mindbody, is currently experiencing nationwide outages, and no one on the consumer or business side has access to it.   We are in contact with Mindbody support, as many other studios across New York City are, and at this time we are unsure when the system will be back online. For now, if you are coming to the studio today, Thursday, April 5th for a salt room or salt bed session please have your confirmation email ready so we can quickly confirm your session. If you  are interested in booking a last minute private session please call the desk and we will see what we can do for you. If you would like to take a class, you will have to wait a five minute grace period to see if there is room. We apologize for this inconvenience and are crossing our fingers that Mindbody resumes to normal operations quickly. Please continue to keep an eye out for any updates, and feel free to call the studio if you have any additional questions or concerns."

MindBody issued the following statement in response to American Spa's request for comment:

“We understand how important our service is to our customers, and we take our system reliability and security very seriously. As a result, our team has been working non-stop since recovering from this outage to fully understand the root causes and minimize the chances of it happening again. We will never stop improving and evolving to serve our customers better.”—Rick Stollmeyer, cofounder and CEO, MindBody

During the outage, the platform also updated its outgoing voice mail message to the following: 

"If you are having trouble loading your site, we are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it as soon as possible. For the latest updates about this issue, please visit status.mindbodyonline.com. To speak with a representative about this issue, please stay on the line."

American Spa stayed on the line but was unable to reach a representative. According to the service site, at around 11:00 am PDT MindBody had identified the problem and was continuing to work on restoring services.

UPDATE: As of 3:40 pm EST, MindBody updated its status site saying all systems have been restored to full functionality, and mentioned if you are still experiencing related problems, please visit the MindBody Troubleshooting Guide.

UPDATE: This story has been edited to include a quote from MindBody.

Tell us how your business was effected by the MindBody outage. Reach out to associate editor Sam at [email protected], or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.


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