Secrets of the Treatment Room: Offshore Expedition

Spa Treatment by water
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“I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting several of the French Polynesian islands on holiday with friends who, like me, are avid snorkelers and love to explore the underwater world. One beautiful afternoon, we hired a local guide to take us snorkeling off Bora Bora. There, we enjoyed swimming with amazing, albeit slimy, giant stingrays and reef sharks. After about 20 minutes, I discovered another mystery of the deep. Scooping up the white silt from the ocean floor, I discovered the silkiest, most incredible exfoliant. I couldn’t help but rub it all over my face and upper body, quickly luxuriating in the velvety texture of the silt and degraded coral. It was like using a velvet washcloth all over my face and body. And it was pure white- not a tinge of brown. So while my friends spent the next 45 minutes swimming among the ocean beasts, I assumed the role of an ocean-floor scavenger, scooping up handfuls of ocean silt and trying to get anyone I could to experience this wonderful exfoliation treatment. Once back in the boat, I was amazed at how fantastic my skin felt. No irritation whatsoever–just smooth silky skin like it had never been exposed to sunlight or the environment ever.” –Diana Howard, vice president of research and development, Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute




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