What's Next for High-Tech Modalities in Spas

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As technology continues to grow and more high-tech devices are introduced to the market, it’s natural to wonder what’s on the horizon. We asked our experts what they believe will be next when it comes to high-tech devices and modalities. 

  • “We believe that light therapy and at-home devices, in particular, will continue to be in high demand. Unlike many other modalities, the safety associated with light therapy makes it a perfect at-home adjunct to professional services—just like at-home skincare products and nutraceuticals.”—Denise Ryan, vice president of brand management, Celluma Light Therapy
  • “Extending the benefits of the technology into at-home and in-hotel room wellness programs will create convenience and a continuum of care. Therapist self-care is a big focus for us, as well. We recently launched We Care, a self-care initiative, in partnership with some of the leading massage and spa brands in the space. Our goal is to increase career longevity for massage therapists by more than 50 percent through technology and education. This is an industry-wide collaboration.”—Jim Huether, CEO, Hyperice
  • “I think the trend is moving in the direction of greater customization. With advancements in molecular biology and our growing understanding of epigenetics and the microbiome, I believe we will see treatment and product recommendations based more upon individual circumstances. Not only does this mean that recommendations will vary from client to client but also potentially for each client over time. A benefit for spa owners is that this type of analysis can ultimately help sell products and services.”—Amy Gardner, director of education, LightStim
  • “New technology and ingredients to protect against daily environmental stressors such as blue lights, infrared light, sun damage, and pollution.”—April Pena, operations manager and esthetic educator, QYKSonic, makers of Zoe devices
  • “I believe that there will be available an ‘into the future’ of your face to show you how you will age and how we can treat it with different options using technology.”—Mimi Calvo, training director, Guinot/Lachman Imports
  • “Providing at-home high-tech devices to clients to help them maintain the results of monthly and weekly facials will help to further revolutionize the spa experience, making the latest devices as necessary as the newest iPhone.”—Lydia Sarfati, founder and CEO, Repêchage


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