The Four Seasons Resort Maui Announces New Wellness Program

Photo Credit: The Four Seasons Resort Maui (The Four Seasons Resort Maui)

The Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea announced a health revitalization health program in collaboration with Next|Health, to offer guests new treatments at the spa. "Next|Health's arrival is perfectly primed to offer our busy clientele an unmatched holistic experience, from which they will return home truly revived," says Pat Makozak, the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea senior spa director. "We are thrilled to be merging Next|Health’s cutting-edge medical expertise with our innovative spa and wellness offerings this summer."

Guest have access to an array of Next|Health offerings that are available at the spa and are administered and prepared by a registered nurse.

Wellness services are available for guests 18 to 65 years old, and include:

  • IV Therapy Drips (30 minutes, $299): Choose from super immune, detox, hangover, weight loss, energy plus, longevity, glamour, gut health, stress, muscle, or brain. Each IV drip is formulated with the multivitamin base known as the Myers Cocktail, which includes: vitamin B blend, B complex, B12, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, calcium, copper, and chromium.
  • Jet Lag Relief Pack (10 minutes, $300): Add this to any IV Drip for jet lag relief – to re-energize and recover from travel. The pack includes: hydration (500 LR) for an extra dose of hydrating fluids and electrolytes; glutathione (60 mg) the master antioxidant that supports immunity and promotes a healthy natural glow for skin; and NAD+ (100 mg) to boost cellular energy.
  • Next Level NAD + IV Drip (240 minutes, $1200): A coenzyme treatment to empower your cellular health, function and energy. For optimization purposes, patients have experienced the following: elevated mood, increased energy, enhanced cognitive abilities (memory, focus, and creativity), increased performance and better sleeping patterns.
  • Vitamin Shots (15 minutes, $59): Choose from: Super B Shot: BComplex + B12; Brain B Shot: LCarnitine + B12; Beauty B Shot: Biotin + Folic Acid ; Limitless Shot: Biotin + Mic; Lean B Shot: LCarnitine, Mic, B12; COQ10 Shot.

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