The Skin Cancer Foundation: Treating Patients One State at a Time

Woman performing skin cancer screening/ thodonal/ iStock / Getty Images Plus

This summer, The Skin Cancer Foundation tackled early signs of skin cancer with Destination: Healthy Skin, the foundation’s mobile education and screening program. 1,243 free skin cancer screenings were conducted aboard the foundation's 38-foot RV, treating people’s skin conditions and instructing people on the importance of sun protection. 

For the second year in a row, dermatologists offered free skin cancer screenings to people over a span of 12,000 miles from the east to west coast. The program relied on volunteers, and over 50 dermatologists gave their time. 

Deborah S. Sarnoff, M.D., president of The Skin Cancer Foundation, believes these screenings act as a preventative, as many people do not even realize their condition. “Without this service, it’s possible that many of the suspected skin cancers we identified would go untreated," says Sarnoff. "By helping people identify skin cancers early and urging them to seek treatment, this program is truly saving lives."


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Through these screenings, dermatologists diagnosed 365 potential skin cancers in patients. These were first-time screenings for “about 60 percent of the people,” Sarnoff says. 

The Skin Cancer Foundation’s program allowed people to address their health at their own convenience. Sending people off with better health and increased knowledge of skin cancer, Destination: Healthy Skin will be making its third annual trip in 2019.

Interested volunteers and dermatologists can find information at



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