These Fruits and Veggies Are Just As Important As Your Sunscreen

Certain fruits and vegetables offer lots of sun protection // Photo Credit: fcafotodigital/Royalty-Free/E+ (Getty Images)

Have you ever considered eating your sunscreen? No, not sunscreen you get from a bottle. There are a variety of fruits and vegetables that are natural skin-protectants that act like sunscreen in your body by fighting sun damage.

The substances that create pigments, or colors, in fruit and vegetables are called antioxidants and they protect cells from damage. We all know that being out in the sun for hours can harm our skin, and fruits like blueberries, watermelon, mangoes, and cantaloupe are full of potent nutrients that can reverse sun damage. In addition, tomatoes, leafy green vegetables, carrots, and sweet potatoes also offer protection from the sun. Olive oil, green tea, almonds, pistachios, and apples are also great additions to your sun-damage fighting tool-box.

Studies show that eating these foods weekly can significantly reduce sun-spots and wrinkles and can even repair already existing damage. What are these potent nutrients in these foods? They include vitamin C (in berries and apples), beta-carotene in yellow and orange-hued foods (carrots and sweet potatoes) and lycopene in tomatoes and watermelon. Almonds and pistachios contain high doses of vitamin E, which is important for skin-cell health.

Consuming foods that are high in sun-protecting vitamins and nutrients are just as important as using sunscreen. Add the foods listed above to your weekly meals and watch your skin reap the benefits!


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About the Author: Natasha Bhalla is the director of conferences for The Beauty Experience. A wellness professional and educator, you can learn more about her practices by following @TashVibe13 on Instagram.


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