Unleash the Power of Wellness with the GWI's Social Impact Initiative

The Social Impact Initiative wants to bring wellness of all kinds outside of the spa industry // Photo Credit: Rawpixel/iStock/Getty Images Plus

With an industry focused on self-care and wellness, it’s no surprise our efforts have created a ripple effect to encourage industry leaders to commit to giving back to their communities by developing social impact initiatives. Many companies have taken notice and moved to focus on what has been called corporate social responsibility, or CSR. This can look different for every organization, but often the organization’s leaders are led to look after an area of interest or an area related to their field, as a duty to do their part.  

Because of this focus on goodwill, the Global Wellness Institute Social Impact Initiative is identifying, cataloging, communicating, and inspiring evidence-based social impact approaches and programs that benefit society. The hope is to capture all the positive impact our industry is making to allow organizations outside of our industry to utilize this database. We want to join hands and create an even larger impact.

Last year, 20 wellness leaders were invited to participate in the Global Wellness Institute’s Social Impact Initiative Roundtable and Interactive Forum. During that meeting the participants shared “we believe” statements that encompassed values, mission, and purpose to shape the kind of world we want to live in through collaborative social impact initiatives.

As a result, a manifesto was created to embody all of our thoughts. Here is some of that manifesto:

We are Unleashing the Power of Wellness. 

We have the will to change the world through wellness. We believe that even in times of chaos and despair, resources and education about wellness, holistic support systems, and self-care can provide reprieve even in the most hopeless of situations. We have a passionate, positive, forward-thinking wellness community that is creating a movement that supports healthy growth for ourselves and our physical environment. We believe that one person’s movement toward more self-care and wellbeing awareness can create a ripple effect that can change the lives of countless individuals. As an industry, we believe that we are responsible for nothing less than preserving the vitality of our home planet everything on it. We cannot budge from our planetary impasse until we manifest genuinely new and creative solutions to the problems that plague us globally. 

We Have a Clear and Compelling Social Purpose.

To provide care and healing for people and families affected by mental Illness. To ensure that every person is able to maintain their mental, physical, and emotional health. To promote joyful healthy living and ensure that death is neither long nor painful. To promote health for families. To recognize the rights of families who are fleeing persecution and looking for asylum. To ensure that every person earns a living wage. To ensure that education is accessible and available to every child. To advocate for an accessible and affordable functional medicine approach. To focus on root causes, the body’s natural ability to heal, and working with nature to be guided through a journey of healing. 

We Are Creating Action. 

Starting today, we will work together to ensure that the practice of wellness is recognized as the best way to ensure that preventable illness, social isolation, and environmental degradation are things of our past not a destiny for our future. 

How is your passion and influence as part of the wellness movement making an impact in the lives of your families, friends, customers and communities? We invite you to tell us how you are joining us in this movement to unleash the power of wellness and create a better world. Email Wendy Bosalavage, initiative co-chair, at [email protected] to get involved.


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