Upgrade Labs is Bringing Healthy Hacks to The Beverly Hilton


Fitness enthusiasts won’t want to miss a workout while on the road now that Upgrade Labs, the world’s first biohacking health and fitness facility, has launched an outpost at The Beverly Hilton (Beverly Hills, CA). Created by the founder of Bulletproof, Upgrade Labs at The Beverly Hilton is situated next to the hotel’s iconic Aqua Star pool. It features a host of services that help clients get better results while spending less time working out. For example, the Cheat Machine features adaptive resistance technology, and Cold Hiit combines compression and cooling technology to help clients gain strength and accelerate recovery.

Timed to coincide with award season, the facility recently offered the Red Carpet Radiance ($150, 55 minutes) treatment, which relies on high-tech and science-driven technology to promote glowing and toned skin, boost energy, reduce stress, and increase mental clarity. The service pairs the Redcharger, an LED light therapy experience, with Breathe EZ, a technology designed to strengthen the immune system by stimulating the body’s own natural oxidative response mechanisms. The treatment also features The Big Squeeze, a full-body detox massage, and a cryotherapy facial to tighten and tone the skin. It’s no surprise celebs like life coach Tony Robbins and musician Meghan Trainor are fans of the innovative brand.


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