Go Beyond the Barre Thanks to Exhale's New Innovation Lab

Discover Exhale's new moves thanks to the Innovation Lab // Photo courtesy of Exhale (Exhale)

Anyone who has ever attended a fitness class on a regular basis knows how challenging it is to keep boredom at bay. The best classes and instructors are those that are constantly evolving to keep all clients, even those who attend frequent classes, challenged and on their toes. That’s why Exhale created its new Innovation Lab, a team of star teachers and industry experts led by Bergen Wheeler, Exhale’s national director of mind body innovation and talent, who are tasked with developing innovations for Exhale’s Barre class.

Made up of forward-thinking leaders in fitness, movement, and physical therapy, the Exhale Innovation Advisory Board provides insights, guidance, and expertise on fitness programming for the brand. Most recently, the Innovation Lab introduced a new series of barre fitness moves, sequences that engage the entire body for improved strength and mind to encourage mental presence and mindfulness. The new variations and movements engage the whole body and mind and leave participants with an even greater sense of length and total body strength. It’s the ultimate original workout, barre none.



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