Healthy Hacks at Bulletproof Labs's New Health and Fitness Centers

Bulletproof Labs is bringing fitness to the next level. // Photo via Bulletproof Labs

Wellness is going hi-tech thanks to Bulletproof Labs’s new biohacking health and fitness center. The company that created a cult-like following for its Bulletproof coffee, essentially a blend of coffee and butter, is now focused on providing shortcuts to wellbeing.

The first location, which recently debuted in Santa Monica, CA, provides a good look at the future of wellness with state-of-the-art biohacking equipment, such as the Atmospheric Cell Trainer, a futuristic pod that uses changes in air pressure to create a workout for an individual’s cellular energy system. It’s essentially physical conditioning without the body and joint stress.

The REDcharger harnesses the power of light to expose the body to red and infrared LED light to help promote muscle recovery and decrease inflammation. Fitness and wellness enthusiasts can also take advantage of cryotherapy; a virtual float tank, which puts the brain into a meditative theta-wave state; a 3D body scan; IV drips, and a host of other hacks for the body and mind. Focusing on data, Bulletproof Labs also provides a number of measurements, such as Basal Metabolic Rate (MBR), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), ketosis, inflammation, gut microbiome, and more, to help people reach their overall goals. Even non-coffee drinkers will appreciate this healthy Bulletproof buzz.


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